How do
I repay my loan

Choose most convenient way to pay

FPXLogoInstant paymentBank deposit

1. FPX Payment (Online Banking Payment)

  1. Money will appear in our account within a few minutes.
  2. Totally online 24 hours, no need to spend your time visiting any branches.
  3. 100% secured since we use banks' security certificates.
  4. Payment will be automatically recognized by our system

2. Instant payment

Please click on this Link and follow the instructions below:

Step 1

Fill out the form and click the button “Proceed to FPX”:

  1. E-mail – Your e-mail to receive a receipt
  2. Merchant – don't change anything
  3. Seller ID – don't change anything
  4. Phone number – enter your phone number
  5. Description – Use the customer's IC number as a Description
  6. Amount – Input the amount which you need to pay
  7. Bank Name – Select your bank from the drop menu
  8. Checkbox “I fully understand and agree to the Terms & Conditions of Instant Pay Services” - tick it in order to use Instant payment service



Step 2

Make authorization of your payment:

Once you click on “Proceed to FPX”, the page will be redirected to your online banking portal where you need to confirm the transaction from your bank account.



3. Bank deposit

You can deposit money into our account by choosing one of the ways:

- Use your internet bank (Go to the “money transfer” section and choose “3rd party account transfer”)

- Use ATM/CDM machines

- Deposit money at any branch.


Please don't forget to write down your IC number in the “notes” section. And keep the payment slip until the money is reflected in our account.


Our Bank Account:

Bank Name: Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad

Branch Name: Kuala Lumpur

Account Name: Rock Wing Capital Sdn Bhd

Account Number: 120420010146120